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Published: 29th April 2010
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Cosmetic Surgery Abroad has become increasingly popular over the years. Since 1999 BBC Direct (Bodies Beautiful Clinic Direct) has been actively involved with cosmetic surgery, specifically Prague, in The Czech Republic.

In the early years, if you found yourself looking for cosmetic surgery Prague, you would have found a handful of agents offering you clinic introduction for lap band surgery abroad or a gastric balloon procedure in Prague. Nowadays however, there are an epidemic of 'agents' providing this service, clear evidence of the explosion of cosmetic surgery abroad.

The arrival of budget airlines such as Easy Jet and BMI Baby has aided travel to popular cosmetic surgery venues in Europe, and if someone actually took the time to review the statistical data of airline routes opened, in comparison to the number of passengers traveling for cosmetic surgery abroad, there would doubtless be a proportionate and direct link between the two.

Since 1999 the situation surrounding cosmetic surgery abroad, and from 2005, bariatric surgery abroad has had its problems. The vast choice, and growth within this market to the novice researcher, may look like a good selection to choose from, each agent for cosmetic surgery abroad offering the same service at roughly the same cost, with little 'tweaks ' to make them standout from the rest.

It is not uncommon to see on a service provider's website testimonials stating 'I had cosmetic surgery at this clinic' with glowing praise for the treatment received. What has actually happened, in many cases, is that a patient has returned from having cosmetic surgery abroad seen an opportunity and has started to send clients to the clinic they attended themselves for cosmetic surgery, receiving commission for their efforts.

Doing business in this way cannot always be categorized as wrong, there are good providers of cosmetic surgery abroad out there, but there are others who are not exactly as described and present many pitfalls for the unwary client looking for cosmetic surgery abroad. Working out which is which is the challenge!

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